Day 151

Yesterday carried on the “not very interesting” theme. We managed to get out on the morning to get done shopping done – some special things for two special girls who we are visiting on Saturday. I am getting so much joy from just looking at baby clothes and baby toys and books. I loved it when my two were little and they had some very cute things but everything seems so much lovelier these days! That was a definite happy moment. 

We popped to see G&G after the shops but A began to feel a bit rubbish again so we headed home. Luckily I had time to talk over knitting-gate with grandma and she helped me formulate a plan. She also showed me some “tricks” that my nan – and probably her nan – taught her that will hopefully make things a bit easier! 

Home for dinner (not much for A – she hadn’t got my gene – the one that allows me to carry on eating regardless of how poorly I am!) and Wild Things. It’s basically the “it’s a knockout” of the day and it’s purely ridiculous, but great fun and something that we ALL laugh our heads off at. 

So, yes another relatively mundane day but with lots of little nice bits. 


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