Day 152

I’ve caught up with current day! 

Nothing much to report – A off school. T had orthodontist for bottom braces to be fitted. G&G came to look after A. Mrs L and J popped round to borrow Wall-E for J to watch whilst recovering from an accident yesterday. It was lovely to see them and hear J’s exciting recount of his head wound! 

In true “happiness hunter” mode I was beginning to wonder if I would have anything else to be glad for, when a text arrived informing me that A will be receiving her “perseverance” pin in assembly on Friday. In a small twist of good fate K has a day off on Friday so we will both be able to go along. Hurrah! 

A seems to be feeling ok tonight so we are on track for back to school tomorrow and fingers crossed for our visit to see Miss T and little miss T on Saturday. 

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