Day 153

I have days when I think I should never have got out of bed. I’m sure I’m not alone, but when you’re smack bang in the middle of one it really feels like you’re alone in your pain. 

T woke up very unhappy with pain in his jaw from his new braces. Had to be encouraged to go to school dosed up with paracetamol. 

I was leaving the house to take A to schoo and for some reason (known only to himself) K was loitering around and was outside as we were leaving. Somehow his spidey senses alerted him to a hitherto unseen (by him or me!) dent in the car. Oh lordy. Not happy. I was permitted to go eventually but he continued to badger me about it for the rest of the day. Where has I been? Where has I parked? Did the car park have CCTV? Updates on quotes from different debt people. Can I send him pictures? 

Work was ok but during the course of the morning a lack-of-fresh-air-and-bright-sun-through-the-blind induced head ache raised its ugly head and didn’t go. When I left to go home I subsequently forgot to shut the window by my desk (behind the blind. Would anyone notice? Better text and let them know). Then realised I’d also forgotten the tin of soup I’d bought for T for dinner to help with the toothy pain situation. Great! 

My plan to collect K on way home, then collect A, then collect T and go to the carpet shop to see carpet man about (funnily enough) carpet, was horribly aborted when, whilst waiting at the lights to leave the village, K asked what time the shopping was coming? Err, now. Crap. A and I jumped out and walked home leaving a rather narked K to go and collect T and see carpet man alone. This in itself doesn’t sound like a huge ask but apparently it was. 

Cancelled plans to see old friend thanks to headache. 

Attempted homework with A – maths – what was I thinking?! 

Do I need to go on?! Oh yes T remembers at 8.30pm that he’s left his water bottle at the village hall after Tae Kwon Do. For some reason this is my problem to solve……at what age do they stop expecting mum to sort all their cock-ups!? 

I have comforted myself with a large mug of tea and a hot cross bun slathered with butter. Happy. (Until I need to pee at 3am and take indigestion tablets…..) 


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