Day 154

The happiness quest continues: over halfway through my second round of 100 Happy Days and I really think I can say that I will continue to do this indefinitely even when this round ends. It’s great to get to this point in the evening, when I’m getting ready for bed, and to think it all over. 

Today’s top highlights: 

First: Seeing a lovely chap, who is grandad to a boy in A’s class, back up and on his feet after a truly horrendous 3 months in hospital. He used to run the local Beavers group which T went to and he and his wife used to foster. They subsequently became carers of their grandson when their daughter was unable to look after him. We’ve always got on very well and A adores L – the grandson (it’s mutual). He was taken ill last summer and has since undergone extensive surgery to try and sort him out. It was touch and go for a while but he pulled through and is finally home. It was great to see him although a little shocking as he’s lost so much weight and looks very frail (to quote A who was with me when I saw him). 

Second: bacon roll breakfast with two of my favourite people – Mrs F and Mrs L. Was feeling fragile after my bad headache yesterday so this morning was just what I needed to get me feeling human again. Always laugh with these ladies and it was super lovely. 

Third: T coming home and scoffing a scone followed by a good dinner. Pain from braces has subsided considerably and he’s looking back to his usual chilled out self. 

Fourth: A is leaving brownies tomorrow. She’s very sad to be leaving and will miss it terribly. She’s determined to keep in touch with them and brown owl has promised she can go back to help make cakes at Christmas. In honour of the occasion she has written a poem which she wants to read out to them. I will share it tomorrow. It made me smile! 

Fifth but by no means the least important: I texted my brother to try and arrange to see them over Easter and he replied that he is feeling much better and almost back to normal after his colitis flare-up. Such great news and I really hope to see him next weekend. 

Not bad going for just another normal day. 


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