Day 155

Today my happy has all been to do with my girl. After school we dropped by to see my old work friend P and her twins. A was brilliant and sat looking after the little girl the whole time we were there. P said that she was a babysitter in the making which made her day!

Then on to tonight and the final evening at her beloved Brownies. She’s enjoyed it so much and has embraced every aspect of it. She’s thoroughly fed up that she has to leave now that she’s 10 and as I mentioned in last nights blog she wrote a poem to read to them (see picture below). On the way there we were stopped by two mums of younger brownies who both said how sad their daughters were that she was leaving. On arrival at the hall we heard squeals of “she’s here” and a horde of little figures came running out to meet her with letters and homemade presents for her, smothering her in hugs. So lovely to see. When I collected her at the end of the night her T-shirt was decorated with signatures and messages from all the other brownies and the leader Jane. Her message made my eyes a little misty “you are a beautiful young lady and a fab brownie. We will miss you.” So proud.

She’s very sad and has had a little cry but we are getting her enrolled in guides in the next village so she can continue her guiding journey. None of the other girls for her year chose to go to guides, opting instead for the local scout group, so she will meet some new girls who she will maybe then know when she goes on to secondary school.

A good day with some very happy moments. Fabulous Friday tomorrow!





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