Day 159

Urgh. Crappy Monday’s. I hate them. Woke up with a scratchy throat. Pulled a muscle in my neck emptying the dishwasher. Busy morning catching up on work emails from the weekend. Planned cup of tea with Mrs F cancelled because had to wait for recorded delivery. Call from school at 3.20pm to say A needed collecting because there was no lacrosse practise after school as we had thought. (We were not alone.) 

But: I found a parking space right outside the opticians at 4.30pm in perfect time for A’s appointment. I baked a lovely loaf of bread which I had 2 slices of toasted with scrambled egg for my tea. I have eaten my half of the yummy Easter egg that Miss T gave K and me at the weekend. I successfully booked T’s parents evening online with no hiccups. And I’ve seen David Beckham in his underpants. Not in the actual flesh for real but it’ll do me. 

Every cloud. 

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