Day 161

It was a very simple thing that made me happy today. 

Ever since I was very young, I have loved seeing washing on a line in the garden. I loved hiding in the sheets when mum had changed the beds and I love the smell that washing has when it’s dried on an outside line. I particularly love it because of my namesake. I was named after my great grandma (mum’s nan) mainly because (I am told) I was the image of her when I was born – freakishly so. Anyway, when I was very little apparently I used to go up to the washing on the line in the garden and, after feeling a few items, would announce that it was “not quite dry” in the exact way that the other Jane used to do. I like the idea that those that went before live on in those of us that follow and I would love to be visible in the mannerisms of my offspring when I’m long gone. So, whether my love of washing on a line is inherited or just another one of those funny things that make me happy (odd? No!) I don’t really know but today was the first day this year that I was able to peg out a lovely load of washing. It had a good old blow about and dried in no time at all. And the smell! just fab – you can’t get that from a spray or a bottle. It’s a simple thing but it made me very happy. 


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