Day 162

Posting earlier tonight for the benefit of Mrs L who needs an early night. 

Last day of term and in the spirit of Easter (?) A’s school had a balloon race, where all of the children (and some adults, ahem, Mrs L) were given a brightly coloured balloon to release simultaneously. We parents duly congregated on the playground to watch. There were a small number of early releases which seemed to spark a few less-accidental lettings-go, but in the whole most of the children were still in possession of their balloons at the crucial moment. The effect was rather lovely and we happily watched their ascent and speculated on how far they may travel (last years winner was found in Harpenden…..). Quite a happy moment. 

Later the Beddoe Four headed out for tea and cake and started the long  weekend/holidays off in a very relaxed manner, with lots of talk on how to spend the time. Hurrah. 



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