Day 164

A day with my daughter. I have had to “spin” this day in my head as it wasn’t planned to be this way. I was meant to be meeting friends for coffee and cake this morning and then having a leisurely afternoon pottering around. Last weekend, however, K & T were given tickets to the touring cars at Brands Hatch and being the selfless individual that I am (ha ha!) I agreed to forfeit my plans so that they could go. 

My plans didn’t have to change hugely but I am hoping to get some mileage from this act. It won’t last long as let’s face it I do have it pretty cushy and really can’t complain. Much. So instead of going out for cake my very amenable friends came to me and A amused herself (after helping serve cake) while we chatted. It was very relaxed and enjoyable. 

We then had a quick trip to book club and being the relaxed, lovely mum that I am (ha ha!) I let A buy yet more stationary and a few books. 

Got home and I then agreed to watching The Little Mermaid. Torture. 

6pm and we had tea. Alone. Novelty has worn off. Lovely mum is fading into the background and irritable mum is rearing her ugly head. Very disappointed in myself but why would my girl – who up to this point has been great company and really well behaved – decide to comb her hair with a fork? And then proceed to talk in an American accent?! It’s little things that get lovely mum running for the hills. But then all was saved by T&K arriving home with news of crashes and £6 burgers. And freezing weather with nowhere to sit down all day. I really didn’t have much to moan about. Again. 


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