Day 167

Back at work after 5 days off – humph. Head cold worse – bleurgh. Blue skies that I can only gaze at from the window. Bah humbug. One child occupied this morning; the other occupied this afternoon. Not great planning – but then it wasn’t planned. Not a great start to the 2 week break. 

How am I going to “spin” this? I did receive a lovely thank you card from Miss T which made me cry – in a good way. And another from our next door neighbour which made me smile. So, that gives me a couple of happys. But generally feeling a bit crap and sorry for myself. (We’re not big on sympathy in our house – if K had a cold I wouldn’t pander to it so quite rightly he isn’t either!) 

BUT….Tomorrow is another day and there are people out there with far worse than the sniffles. I’ve got a new book to start and a pack of chocolate rice cakes to eat (hmm really? Do they work as a substitute for the real thing?) and I’m going to feel better in the morning. Maybe. Probably. Perhaps. 


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