Day 168

Things can only get better. I knew today wouldn’t be great when I woke up feeling like my head was full of wool and my mouth full of sand. But when A announced at 10am that she had “no idea whatsoever what to do” it went from bad to really bad. T was off out with a friend on his bike so he was fine. A had been to see if her friend over the road could come round only to find she was at a sleepover. Uh oh. Everyone having a good time except her. Bad mum not having anything planned for her. To be fair any other day (e.g. weekend) she would be happily loom-banding, Sylvanian family-ing or “teaching”, so I had kind of expected much of the same. Big mistake. But wait – genius mum kicked in (where the hell did she come from?) and suggested she do some baking. Yeehah!! An hour later and with not much mess or agro a dozen yummy cupcakes were cooling on the side and a new hobby was born. Hurrah. Unfortunately genius mum had quickly left the building and wooly headed, please-just-let-me-sit-here-because-I-feel-a-bit-rubbish mum was back in charge. So, a crappy film was watched, and then a spot of “teaching” and she was ok. I felt guilty but the wooly head stopped it from getting too serious. 

After dinner T went off to sleep over at his friends so K and I joined a teddy bears tea party where we were served a lovely tea and watched a very clever set of bears receiving certificates for amazing feats. The best bit was the bedtime story. I actually felt the most relaxed I’ve been all day (and I have to confess to shutting my eyes for ten minutes during the crappy film so this was saying something). She reads a good story does my girl and uses some great voices. And she’s very funny. Happy mum is back in the house. 


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