Day 169

Life is a roller coaster….la la la…. 

Woke up – felt crap. Had shower and breakfast (day 3 of fruit and yogurt) and felt slightly better. Collected T from sleepover and popped to shop. A knocked for her friend over the road and oh joy! she was free to come over – but not for a bit as still in pj’s. Happy girl. Two hours later and no sign of the friend. Hmm. Being “upbeat” mum we agreed that maybe she’d got involved doing something with her mum and would come over later. Had lunch. T went off to meet his youth leader for an afternoon out. Still no sign. Upbeat Mum not working it so well now. Let’s do something crafty! Err. We don’t have paint, or card, or tissue paper….the list goes on. Cross stitch kit from birthday? Hurrah. We spent a lovely hour knitting and cross stitching together. (Knitting mojo has returned, new project started). Then she remembered and was fed up again. Not sure why I thought helping me make the beds up with fresh bedding would help…? But it was a good excuse to sort out the pigsty that is her bedroom. Usual row ensued. Followed by the realisation that “wow it’s SO much nicer in here when it’s tidy! You’re the best mum ever!” Long may it last. Can I get off the roller coaster now please? 


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