Day 170

What’s this? Blogging at 1pm? How can this be? Well, as you know I have been stuck indoors since Monday evening and have missed all of the beautiful sunshine of the last 3 days. So this morning the children and I went up to the downs for a walk in the sun. I love the downs – we used to go quite often as kids – and as it’s literally on our doorstep I like to go as often as we can. We discovered a woodland walk there a few years back that didn’t exist when I was young and the kids love the climbing and balancing structures (all made from trees by the local Rangers). Today we ventured further afield and found a path that led us to the whipsnade tree cathedral where we found a geocache! I love finding new walks and this one could also be nice to do on bikes. With a picnic thrown in would be even better! 

I had only been out on the downs for about ten minutes before I felt myself relaxing and feeling happy. We had some great conversations – ranging from zombie apocalypses (T instigated that one) to why it’s a waste of money buying merchandise of pop groups who you won’t even like next month (A  instigated – she’s too sensible for a ten year old). The morning was rounded off with a cup of tea at the visitor centre. 

I’m blogging now while I still feel relaxed and happy. This afternoon we have to go school shoe shopping for T. I can already feel my shoulders tightening at the thought….. I will keep the images from this morning in my mind and try my hardest to smile! 



I’m updating this at 5pm. He bought shoes! (well strictly speaking I bought him shoes) With no fuss! From the first shop we went in! Miracles do happen. So apart from a slight “moment” when I nearly “went into one” over some unnecessary pyjamas that A wanted (and was refused – twice) we actually had a very pleasant afternoon. I’m now sitting in my corner (yes it’s MY corner) of the garden in the late sun with the local paper and a glass of…….water. I’m still feeling so full of the joys of everything that I hadn’t even considered a glass of wine. Maybe later with dinner. Ah yes, it will probably be required because I’m cooking salmon, which only one of us really likes. Guess which one? Well, we can’t please everyone all the time. 

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