Day 172

A tidy something is a tidy mind….

I can’t remember what the something is but if it’s cupboards then my mind is super tidy tonight. 

I was doing my shopping list whilst cooking Sunday roast lunch, as you do. We’re trying out a new recipe next week (when I say “we” I mean “I” will be cooking and  “he” will be eating) and I had to check what spices I had in the cupboard, so that I didn’t buy anything unnecessarily (two bottles of white wine vinegar anyone?). This snowballed somewhat and I ended up emptying the cupboard (well, large drawer) entirely and threw out the expired stuff (not too much) and rearranged the stuff that was going back in. The cooking of lunch then took over again so my tidying was temporarily halted. 

After lunch we went out for a walk which was lovely but I was itching to get back and do the other drawer and the rest of the cupboards. A box full of unwanted utensils, Tupperware, baking trays, Pyrex dishes and chopping boards later and I felt rather liberated. Pantry cupboard now very well organised, baking drawer with everything labelled and easy to find ready for A’s foray into baking on Tuesday night, Tupperware reduced by two thirds and the remainder stored so that it doesn’t attack the next person to open the cupboard. 

The crowning glory to my lovely newly organised kitchen will be a shiny clean oven after the nice (I’m assuming here) man has been to clean it in the morning. Be great to cook the new recipe without fear of the oven catching fire (it really is that bad). 

*I have to include a quick mention to lovely Miss T and little Miss who we had a brilliant Skype with this morning. Too gorgeous for words, both of them. 


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