Day 173

Just another mundane Monday…..

Naughty blogger posting a day late. Smacked hand.

To lift me from the Monday gloom I took out the diary after dinner and the Beddoe Four decided on some dates for some excursions. We haven’t seen K’s brother and his family since nan’s funeral and before that was the subdued Boxing Day so we feel that a nice day is in order. Provisional dates noted and now it’s just up to K to make the call.

Next on the list was a day out in London to do the Shaun the Sheep trail – a bit like the Book Trail that we did last year but with giant sheep figures. Weather permitting we have decided to go this Saturday to round the holiday off with something exciting – because let’s face it it’s been pretty boring so far.

And last but by no means least (in fact probably most!) is another visit to Miss T and Little Miss. During our Skype call on Sunday Miss T mentioned that she had been visited by a friend and her two children and that they had stayed in a local Travelodge type hotel. Spookily enough, on our way home from our visit a few weeks ago K and I had both had the idea that it might be nice to try and find somewhere reasonably cheap to stay for the night rather than trying to cram it all into one day. So, this was great news. We have a date in mind and just need to make the necessary arrangements with Miss T and the hotel.

In other news:

My knitting is coming along nicely and Grandma gave it her seal of approval at the weekend so I’m feeling confident that this one won’t end up being unravelled.

I have also finished my book and it has unnerved me slightly – I pride myself on knowing what books I have read over the years and very rarely get caught out buying a duplicate (and I read a lot of books)? I’m the same with films. I normally know within the first page or two of a book and the first few minutes of a film if I’ve already read/watched it. But this one has me baffled. The title seemed to ring a bell somewhere in my mind but I thought it was because I had wanted to read it for a while. But the main part of the story was very familiar and I could sense that I knew the story as it unfolded. But the beginning, and in fact the ending, wasn’t. Very odd.

And lastly I finally got the chance to watch 12 Years A Slave which I didn’t think K would enjoy, but as there was little else to do last night we settled down and gave it a go. Disturbing, uplifting, brutal, compelling. And the stunning (despite playing a completely horrendous character) Michael Fassbender was in it. Say no more.


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