Day 174

Happy things today: 

A having a lovely morning at Mrs F’s. It made me happy not to have to feel guilty. 

Going to the garden centre and buying some plants. 

Coming home and spending time with A planting up said purchases and seeing them looking all pretty. 

Being chilled out enough to let A bake a Victoria sponge unaided. After last weeks fairy cake baking session success she is more than capable on her own so I have had to stop myself from interfering. She did a grand job – see below. She even printed off a design of her name to make into a template for the top. 


Going out for dinner with A-MJ my book club buddy. Great night. 

I feel T needs a mention – he’s pretty much been out and about all day with his friends, building dens. But when he came in the first thing he said was “hug”. And he does great hugs. 

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