Day 175

Early tonight to make up for late posting earlier this week. 

Am starting to see what it will be like when T is a fully fledged teenager. I don’t mean stroppy mood swings and acne. I just don’t see much of him. 

He went out at around half ten this morning to meet his friend and do more work to their “den”. He normally texts me around midday to ask when I want him home for lunch. Today my reply was “when you’re hungry” as A was playing at her friends over the road and was having lunch there. He replied that if it was ok he would have lunch at his friends house. (Slightly alarmed at the prospect of two 12 years olds making themselves lunch but they’re sensible boys….). So the next time I saw him was at tea time. I do check in with him at intervals during the course of the day – I’m not that relaxed. And of course I have my good friend – the Find My iPhone app – to keep a bit of a track on where he is versus where he says he is going to be. He’s never been caught out yet I’m pleased to say. In a village like this I would imagine that if he did go astray and get up to mischief someone would see and report back. I think that’s a good deterrent – I often tell him to consider how certain behaviours would look to another parent or even a complete stranger. I’d like to think he’s taken it on board. 

I know when I was that age I would go off for the day on my bike and meet my friend who lived on the other side of Harpenden and we would cycle to Whitwell, Kimpton and other places. I didn’t contact mum all day and she had no way of knowing where I was or if I was ok. So it’s really no different. Or is it? I do interrogate him when he comes in and he’s quite happy to tell me what he’s been doing. I find myself telling him to be careful A LOT. I would much rather he be outside in the sunshine “doing stuff” than stuck indoors shooting things on the TV. I know we’re lucky that we live where we do with fields and woods on our doorstep so he is able to get out and be active. But I can’t help that little nagging voice of doubt whether he’s safe and if I’m doing enough. 

Anyway enough of this. Back to the happy. 

A came home after lunch as her friend had to go out. She’d banged her knee as she was leaving and it was sore so she had a little rest on the sofa, feeling sorry for herself. Genius mum suddenly appeared and asked if she’d like to do some pebble painting. We’ve done this once before a few years ago with nail varnishes and they looked great so I thought we could try it again with paint. Yes paint. I don’t do paint. In fact I think we’ve had these paints for about ten years and they’ve probably been used no more than three times. So, we dug them out from the depths of the garage and set ourselves up outside (you didn’t think we’d be indoors did you??). We had a lovely time! Genius mum rules. 

Now for a Smallvile session with my boy. Happy times. 



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