Day 176

Three quarters of the way through my second round of happy days. 

An easy one to write tonight – I was lucky enough to have two separate visits from two lovely friends with some catching up and a few laughs included. I’ve missed my daily chats with Mrs L and hope that we will continue to do so even when A eventually starts walking to school by herself (I’m going to wean myself off this journey gradually – it’s the only exercise I get each day and frankly I like seeing my mate). 

It was also nice to see my other friend this morning. It’s been a bit tricky as she is still very good friends with our other neighbour who I have had problems with so I’ve not wanted to put pressure on her to see me. But she asked if I was around as we haven’t seen each other for ages and so she came for coffee this morning. She’s the mum of A’s friend over the road so A was thrilled that they came to see us. The girls practised handstands in the garden whilst we caught up. Lovely. 

I’m also over two thirds of the way through my knitting project with high hopes that it will be finished by the self imposed deadline! 

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