Days 177 and 178

What a cop-out doing two days on one blog post. Apologies, but it just wasn’t going to happen last night and we were up at the crack of dawn this morning so here we are.

Yesterday we picked up G&G and headed off to Anglesey Abbey, a favourite NT place of ours. It’s a bit of a drive (especially when someone *ahem* ok well, me, missed the junction and adds twenty minutes to the journey) but completely worth it. We are able to walk through formal gardens, rose gardens, down to a watermill, and through woods. It also has a lovely cafe (a priority requirement when out with G&G). A lovely day was had by all. This was folllowed by a night round at a friends house being treated to some fantastic Italian food. I had no idea that aubergines could be so tasty.

Today the Beddoe Four took our trip to London for some Shaun Spotting. We decided on the trails that we wanted to do and managed to find 14. Not bad going. In the process we clocked up a staggering 7.3 miles of walking. I don’t feel so bad about that ice cream now. The “Shauns” were brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed the day. We now feel almost like old hands at this London lark and even the kids were spotting places that we’ve been to before and saying “isn’t that where we did such and such”. The highlight for me was realising at lunchtime that we were sitting eating our sandwiches on the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields church where my nan met my granddad for the first time – on a blind date no less. I’ve wanted to go to the church on our previous visits but our trips have never taken us by Trafalgar Square (how this can be possible I have no idea) so this was my first chance. Luckily I had looked at my map app while we were eating or I may never have realised! Anyone who knows me well will appreciate that I am very single-minded when it comes to food and my surroundings are often low on the list of concerns!

Another great day out and I feel I have redeemed myself for the lack of arrangements during the rest of the holidays. Well, maybe just a little bit.

Pictures to follow.


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