Day 179

Lots of reasons to be happy today. 

An old friend came for Sunday lunch. After she separated from her husband last year I have been meeting up with AH on my own for coffee (we’ve only met up a couple of times as she’s a busy lady) to talk through all the horrible stuff her ex has put her through. But it occurred to me after our last meeting that there’s no reason why the three of us can’t still meet up – K has always got on so well with her and is disgusted by her ex’s behaviour (we both are) – so I asked her to come over. It was a great decision as the kids loved seeing her (her kids are older and have their own things going on now) and so did K. Our kids are aware that she is no longer with R so it wasn’t awkward to talk about it. I was very proud of my two for chatting away with her like they only saw her yesterday – I think that says more about her than them though – she clearly made them feel very at ease and she showed so much interest in them and their lives. She’s a secondary school IT teacher so was able to talk to T about his lessons and school stuff. We all really loved seeing her. 

In honour of our visitor I ditched my usual cheats frozen roast potatoes and parsnips and cooked my own. I’d forgotten how much tastier they are and how well I cook them! Everyone agrees that they were way nicer and I have promised not to buy any more frozen ones! 

And finally, A has decided to have a packed lunch instead of school dinners. We’ve taken inspiration from Auntie C and cousin C and have created a fortnightly menu plan so that we can ring the changes a bit and so I can forward plan. I baked some bread this afternoon (a new one I wanted to try with oats and linseed)  which she has tried and requested for her lunch tomorrow. We had a nice time making our lunches together (one for me too on the hope that I will save some money and lose weight!) and she asked if I could write her a note for in her lunch bag like I used to when she was in reception. 

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