Day 180

Happy moment today? Hmm. Kids back at school – crap. Back in the office for me – crap. A wanting to walk to school on her own – no!!! Not ready for that yet. I’ll miss talking to her and listening to her chat about her day. I’ll miss seeing the few people that I like seeing at school and especially walking back with Mrs L. 

So I’ve asked A if we can delay it. She’s given me until next Monday. I guess that’s a long time in the world of a ten year old. And Mrs L has suggested we still have a walk so we can keep up with each other’s lives. I’ll still see Mrs F and I’ll see my book club friend at book club. But it won’t be the same. 

So where’s my elusive happy moment today? Well, I had to smile at a very official, important letter I received asking if I would like to be a deputy to the newly appointed poppy appeal co-ordinator. Hell yeah! I’ve even been promised a badge. (Not sure if I’m just being humoured on this point but I’m prepared to overlook that. A glass of wine will do.) 

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