Day 181

Its “Baking Tuesday” and tonight the recipe was chocolate brownies. A hasn’t made these before (I’ve made quick 5 minute ones but without “help”) so I was on standby to assist when needed. I was a bit dubious about her using a Bain Marie for the first time so helped with that and I pot the tin in the oven. The rest she did herself. They smell amazing and I can’t wait to try one! 

After a conversation with a friend whose daughter is a similar age to A I bought her a “teen pack” with my weekly shop that has the necessary bits and bobs that she’ll need when her periods start. She’s developing at a rate of knots and I’m sure it won’t be long until she needs them. She was very excited when I presented her with her little “kit” and has read all the info. We’re going to snuggle up shortly so j can answer some questions she has. How did I get this old? (I’ve asked K and T to try and be grown up and not make her feel embarrassed about it. But somehow I know it all lies at my door.) 

My knitting project is nearly ready to be assembled (with help from Grandma). 

A good day. 


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