Day 183

Oh dear. How to find a happy moment for yesterday?! It wasn’t a bad day, just not a great one. A home from school with bad tummy at lunchtime. Luckily K was working from home so was able to collect her and I came home early. I suppose I could say that being able to leave work to look after sick child is a happy thing. Not the poorly child bit but the flexibility, boss-with-children-who-understands bit. He didn’t hesitate when he heard me take the call from school – immediately gestured to me that I could go. That was great. Big not necessarily happy. I’ll think on.

The new “girl” at work has settled in well and will be taking on some of the more boring parts of my job. I’ve been told that I am going to be getting more involved in some of the buying side of things and stock allocating. That is good but again not sure it made me feel “happy”.

I didn’t get to walk to school or back – untick. I didn’t see my walk to school and back buddy – untick. No Smallville with T – untick. Argh! Come on there must be something…..

Just after A went to bed (still with bad tummy ache) she came downstairs saying everything looked “swirly” and she felt dizzy. Not good. I picked her up and took her up to my bed and tried to calm her down as she was panicking. We sat for a while and did some breathing. She calmed down and I persuaded her that she’s probably got a bug that’s making her feel like this and she will be fine soon. It makes me happy that I can make my children feel a bit better when they are unwell. It makes me happy that I can calm them with a good hug and some nice words. I hate them being unwell (quite often for very selfish reasons) but it makes me feel good when I can make it all a bit better too.

Phew! That was a close call.


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