Day 189

Wait! What’s this? A blog post at 11.35am? Surely not! 

Oh yes. I am blogging very early today. And the reason is this:-  


A HUMUNGOUS ball of wool. My foot is there for the purposes of scale so you have an idea of just how big this ball of wool is. Size seven foot. Dwarfed by (did I mention this already?) HUGE ball of wool. Crikey.

I’ve always struggled with guessing measurements, distances, weights etc and this is evidenced in my weekly shop when I receive a ridiculously small joint of meat or a huge bag of carrots of a tiny bag of spuds. So it was always going to be a risky business buying wool online based on weight. The pattern says I will need 190g but that didn’t sound much so I bought 400g. Swayed slightly by the fact that it was only £8. For one ball. I’m now remembering that age-old conundrum “what weighs more: a kg of bricks or a kg of feathers?” Hmm, they may weigh the same but boy that’s a lot of feathers. And 400g is a lot of wool. 

At least now I will have enough for two new cushion covers……


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