Day 190

Ooh ten days to go! 

I’m knackered tonight. Not so much physically as let’s face it my body has s fairly easy ride in life. Mentally I’m drained. 

Last week our new “girl Friday” started at the office. The idea behind this is that she can take over some of the more mundane tasks that I normally do and I can get involved in more interesting (it’s cartridges how exciting can this really be? I hear you cry!) stuff. 

Well I can tell you it’s quite nice doing mute interesting stuff. Today I learned how “the boys” work out how much stock to buy. I’ve listened to them over the last few months calling figures to each other over the desk and mumbling about exchange rates and to be honest it all seemed a bit haphazard. How wrong I was. There are spreadsheets involved (nice) and formulas (even nicer) and macros (woo hoo!) and ….wait for it…..common sense and judgement! Hurrah! It was very interesting and my brain hurt after an hour of looking at figures and working out ratios. Very exciting. 

Onwards from work to pick up A and then on to Roundwood to parents evening with T. I think the fact that 4 out of 7 appointments ended early is a good thing. I hope so. They all seemed pleased, in fact more than pleased they seemed completely happy with his progress, his behaviour and his contribution. He’s where he needs to be or near as damn it for the end of the year and we can’t ask more than that. The cherry on the cake was his maths teachers pleasure at how much he’s improved. Really great stuff. 

A good day. Albeit knackering. 


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