The Middle Ages 

When I was a child and people talked about being middle aged I just thought they meant “old”.

Now I’m nearly 43 and am in the throes of middle aged-ness I wonder if that’s how younger people see me. 

I like to think I’m still in touch with the world and I’ve kept up with technology. I’ve never been a trendsetter and don’t intend to start worrying about it now. But, there are times when I find myself doing things that are decidedly grown up and boring and, well frankly, middle aged. 

Like painting the garden fence; going to garden centres (because I want to and not because someone made me); knitting; going on bike rides; attending quiz nights in village halls; taking baths to relax; and the most worrying of all which happened today…looking at weather proofing spray for the garden furniture. What is going on? 

I’ll tell you what’s going on. I’ve grown up. I’ve got stuff that I want to keep looking nice. I’ve got a home that I’ve invested time and effort in. I’ve got children that I like spending time with. And I’ve got some really lovely friends who organise quiz nights for charity and others who like reading books and drinking wine. 

I still listen to the charts (albeit on Spotify and not in my bedroom with a tape recorder editing the songs I like). I still buy things I don’t need (normally kitchen gadgets or mugs instead of high heels and handbags -although I’m still partial to a nice handbag). I still go a bit silly over a handsome actor on TV (normally someone who’s aged well with a nice beard rather than some baby faced young hopeful) and I still get the giggles when I shouldn’t (yes at book club or quiz nights rather than in lessons). 

I might be middle aged but do you know what? I like it. 


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