Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3

After a horrible start to the day which saw me watching my girl going in to school in tears, it turned out alright in the end.

My stomach churned until pick up time and only settled down when she came out and all was ok. We walked home with the Lovely Lilleys (as I will now refer to them) and she ate the gingerbread man that Mrs Lovely had kindly bought for her. Master Lovely is lots of fun and by the time we got home we were all smiling.

When we got in A recounted the events of the day, the main part being that she had asked the girl who had been being unkind to her why she was doing it. The answer was that it was because she (A) has got a horrible laugh. A set her straight that her laugh is what it is (music to my ears actually) and that she can’t and won’t change it. So get over it basically. The girl shrugged and couldn’t really answer. The other girls, who had been joining in on the teasing like the sheep that they are, apologised to A for being unkind. I am unbelievably proud that she stood up to this child and has made it clear that she won’t change who she is for anyone. And rightly so.

My third reason to be (more than just) cheerful was when T arrived home with a large 6C written on the back of his hand. His way of remembering the brilliant news that he has achieved his goal in his maths test of last week and is on track for an end of year grade that will hopefully enable him to do Computing at GCSE. He’s worked incredibly hard and his hard work is paying off. So pleased for him.

What a great day.


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