I will survive

No I’m not going to start singing don’t worry. I am pleased to announce that I survived the night. I didn’t sleep brilliantly but I did sleep. Interspersed with some snoring (K), sleep talking (T), owl hooting (an owl) and bed creaking above me (A). Yes I had the bottom bunk! I popped for a final toilet visit before bed only to come back to find T bunked down with K on the sofa bed. They’d decided it wasn’t big enough for us 2 adults (especially given that I like a LOT of space in bed at night. So for the first time ever I slept in a bunk bed. Another first in my forties. 

This morning we’ve been for an almost 9 mile bike ride along the canal and back through Gunpowder Park. We went wrong a few times (my awesome map reading skills at work again) but somehow it’s not so bad on bikes as when you’re walking. A managed to drench both her feet by stopping in an enormous puddle and dropping her bike in said puddle meaning K had to wade in to pick it up. Marvellous. Miserable child with soggy feet and rather annoyed K. The prospect of cake and a drink a short cycle along the path brightened them both up though. 

All in all its been 90% pleasant. Off out for a Sunday roast at a local pub shortly now that I’m showered and changed into slightly less scruffy clothes (I’m quite liking the relaxed dress code of camping – not that I’m a style icon normally but it’s nice to not have to give a monkeys what you look like). 

Unless tonight goes horribly wrong and the cabin gets blown away in a freak storm I think I can be optimistic about a possible return visit. But don’t hold me to it. 



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