Frinton Family Fun

Yesterday the Beddoe Four picked G&G up at 9am and we headed off to Frinton for the day. It’s a favourite day out for all of us and the weather was kind to us as usual. 

We always end up laughing at something silly when we are out with G&G and yesterday was no exception. After a lovely relaxing day looking for sea glass, eating picnic food, sitting watching the world go by and playing boules on the beach we reluctantly headed back to the car for the journey home. We were all getting in ready to go when I thought I could smell something unpleasant (doggy related) so we all had to check out shoes….Grandad isn’t renowned for his flexibility and was trying to manoeuvre himself out of the front passenger seat to check his shoes. Rather than watch him struggle K said “lift up” and Grandad swung his legs up displaying his feet for inspection. I’m not sure what the passing cars and pedestrians made of this scene but it certainly had us in hysterics for the next few minutes. Perhaps you had to be there? 

On a rather more serious note as we were sitting by the beach hut, a rather worried lady asked up if we’d seen a small girl walk past. It transpired that the lady and a group of friends plus 8 children (between them) had walked back up to theirs cars to find that one of the children wasn’t with them. We offered to help look while she informed the beach patrol. T and I searched the walk behind the beach huts with no luck. Thankfully after a frantic twenty minutes the child was found with a family at the other end of the prom having gone back to her beach hut to find it empty. It really brought home how easily these things can happen and how quickly a child can become lost even in a familiar environment. 



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