But my legs ache! 

Oh dear. My poor legs. I like a walk and I’m not averse to a good long walk, but my legs are not really up to the paces they’ve been out through in the last 2 days. 

Yesterday, after a quiet morning we headed off to Ashridge to check out a bike trail we are thinking of trying. K was reluctant to go straight off on bikes in case it turned out to be too tricky for A, so we decided to walk it. And boy did we walk. We ended up at Ivinghoe Beacon and were all pretty knackered as there were some killer hills along the way, and we still had 3 miles to go to get back to the Visitor Centre. But we soldiered on and rewarded ourselves with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. 
My legs were a bit achy this morning so I’d clearly done some work! Today, we’d planned a trip to the Hell-Fire caves at West Wycombe and despite the rain we went ahead. The signposts from the car park clearly pointed up an enormous hill which we duly hiked up in the pouring rain. I wasn’t wearing the best footwear for climbing a hill and subsequently ended up slipping a bit and with soaking wet feet. Imagine my disgust when, on reaching the summit, we were met with another sign pointing BACK DOWN THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HILL!!!! 

Not impressed. 

The caves were alright. Quite interesting stories and history behind them. But definitely not worth an unnecessary hike up and down a hill in unsuitable footwear in the pouring rain. 

This evening we have been treated to the culinary skills of T and his first ever homemade curry. Inspired by his friend while we were camping he set to and produced a yummy balti for us. Job for life. 



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