Early birthday happiness

Today I celebrated my birthday early with a visit to my Nan’s. A had baked me a birthday cake this morning so that we could take it to enjoy with Nan and G&G. She put so much effort into making it perfect and it was delicious. 

It was lovely seeing my Nan but it struck me how she is ageing. Granted she’s 94 and so has every right to look elderly but until recent months she’s always looked far younger than her actual age. Her eyesight has deteriorated a lot lately and she now only has limited vision in one eye. She struggled a bit to eat her cake and I had to force myself not to help her. 

Despite this she is still remarkably bright and “with it”. She followed all of our conversations, she showed genuine interest in everything the children had to say (and I struggle to do that at times!) and she told me a wonderful story. She has some truly hideous china flying ducks (a la Hilda Ogden) and she told me how she came to have them. She was on holiday with my grandad (I think it was their last holiday before he died) and she had seen the ducks in the caravan site gift shop (on Canvey Island). She told the shopkeeper that she desperately wanted the ducks but didn’t have the money at that point. The shopkeeper agreed to hold them for her until the end of the week in case she was able to afford them at the end of her holiday. She saved the little spending money that she had by not having any ice creams and duly went back to the shop for her ducks. The shopkeeper informed her that unfortunately they had been sold. Nan was very upset and admonished the shopkeeper until they explained that they had sold them to the “gentleman over there” whilst pointing to Grandad. He had gone back to the shop earlier in the week (after Nan had seen them for the first time) and bought them for her. What a lovely man and what a fantastic story. If they weren’t so flipping hideous I would be earmarking them for my own! 



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