So lucky 

I’m such a lucky girl. My birthday has been lovely. We didn’t get to Hampton Court as we’d planned, due to the weather, but I’ve had a very relaxing day with K and the children and a visit to see G&G for a cup of tea. I didn’t even have to cook dinner. 

I’ve been very touched by the thoughtfulness of some very special friends. I’ve had some gorgeous cards with lovely words in, some of which have made me misty eyed, and some incredibly well thought through gifts which are just perfectly “me”. I am looking forward to using my new “J” travel mug and reading my 100 Happy Day “thoughts for the day” book, and I have already found homes for the beautiful new ornaments (hate that word but how else to describe?) and bits and bobs I’ve been given. I seem to have given the impression to a few people that I like chocolate so I will force myself to eat all the yummy treats that I’ve received! It will be tough but I might be ok. 

It’s not all about the gifts (as I always tell the children) but it does make me feel very special that people have gone to such efforts for me. 

Special mention to Miss T and baby J who I was lucky enough to see today through the power of Skype. Special times. 


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