Today A came out of school buzzing with excitement about the Mindfulness session her class was given this afternoon. She hasn’t stopped talking about the various methods they were taught and she was determined to share them with me. They are doing a six week course so I expect there will be more tips and techniques as she goes on but the ones from today were very interesting. It all involved breathing and being aware of your breathing and how it can help you deal with stressful situations.

I found it very interesting that the children were asked to rate their feelings of wellbeing – first using a tree which has figures at various positions: some sitting at the bottom, others further up, one falling off and some sitting midway; and another using a version of the Edinburgh survey (like the one they give new mums to check for depression but more geared up for kids). A positioned herself midway up the tree but standing up and looking ahead, and she was mostly positive on the survey. I was pleased about this as she has been having some issues again at school and is a little subdued at times. I was particularly happy that she answered “all the time” to the question “do you feel loved”.

We’ve practised the breathing techniques this evening and have decided we will do them each night and hopefully make ourselves feel more relaxed by bedtime (we both have trouble sleeping from time to time).

My favourite part is a saying they were taught and rather than quote from my book tonight I’m going to use this instead – “Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; today is the present and that’s a gift”.


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