Guilty pleasures

Don’t panic I’m not going all Fifty Shades of Grey on you. I know it’s a surprising title from someone like me, but it’s not what you think. 

I was in the office today and as usual we had the radio on. Radio 2 is still the favoured channel and it was Steve Wright’s slot. We were all engrossed in our various tasks, working quietly, until……Young Guns by Wham! came on. Immediately, we all started singing along and scarily knew all the words. My colleague started laughing and said something like “who would have thought we’d all be closet Wham! fans – talk about guilty pleasure!”. 

Indeed I used to be a dedicated Wham! fan and had the required records, posters, magazines, etc that any self-respecting teen would have. But back then it wasn’t seen as anything to be embarrassed about. Obviously, if I’d still got the records, posters, etc it would be a tad shameful. I promise you I don’t. Guides honour. 

Her comment got me thinking though. Do I have any guilty pleasures? I don’t smoke or drink much (book club doesn’t count!); I like the odd bit of chocolate but who doesn’t?! I don’t buy clothes that I don’t wear; I don’t play the lottery. How boring am I?  

Hang on though. I suppose I should admit to watching trashy American TV programmes while I’m working at home. (When I say watching I actually mean listening to, as I have the iPad on and just let it whitter away in the background.) And I mean total trash. The latest is called Revenge. It’s absolute, utter tosh. But it doesn’t take much effort to follow and it doesn’t need me to be able to watch, just listen. Brilliant. 

I also like playing stupid, addictive games on my phone. Bursting bubbles and popping sweets. What’s not to love? 

Ooh, and quizzes. I love quizzes. The ones that people post on Facebook with spellings and grammar questions or the true meaning of your name. Love it. 

What else? Er, not much actually. 

But I’ll always have Wham! (*) 

(* exclamation mark is part of the name, as a true fan I can’t type it without it I’m afraid. A bit like Westward Ho!) 

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