Yes we’re still on this subject even 3 days later. 

Yesterday K and I had a day off – together. This doesn’t happen often as we tend to keep K’s annual leave for family holidays but he had a couple of days to use up before the end of the month. We’ve been toying all week with where to go and what to do. 

I always have an image in my mind of wandering cobbled streets looking in shop windows followed by lunch in a pretty pub garden in the countrysidep. The reality is normally always a trip to Bicester to K’s Mecca of the Ralph Lauren shop followed by a sandwich in Costa. 

As no voucher was forthcoming for the RL shop K agreed that we could go somewhere else. My image of cobbled streets became less misty, until he suggested we pop down the M1 to Wembley where there is a shopping outlet. Ok not many cobbled streets in Wembley. But it’s his day off (I get one every Friday so I’m feeling generous) and I feel he should do what he would like to do. 

I always feel bad when we go out alone. I always worry that one of the children will be taken ill at school and we will have to hotfoot it back from where we’ve gone while our child is unwell and wondering where we are.  Us feeling like awful parents for not being 5 minutes away. I spend my time regularly checking my mobile for missed calls or texts. 

Whilst “relaxing” and wandering around the shops I find myself drawn to things that the children would like. Hairbands for A, hoodies for T, cakeboxes and trainers. Oh and A needs new PE shorts for school and T needs a geometry set. Er, hello? Guilt? Could you please bugger off so I can look at these shoes for a minute? 

We had a lovely lunch in a homemade burger place (again not my first choice but is his day) – lamb burger in a pitta with salad and feta – yum. But conversation went much like this “it’s nice here. Kids would like it. Quite reasonable too.” 

Picked A up from school. Met T in Harpenden to collect new glasses. Milkshakes from Nice to start the weekend then home. 


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