Babies, boats and beds.

Yesterday the Beddoe Four set off for another much awaited visit to see Miss T and Little Miss. We decided that this time we would book in to the Travelodge close by and stay the night so that we could make a weekend of it. Neither of the children have stayed in a “hotel” before so were quite excited about it. 

We had a lovely day with the still-very-smiley Little Miss and the doing-brilliantly-at-this-mum-stuff Miss T. We took the little ferry boat to Christchurch Quay which was brilliant – the guys running it were incredibly helpful lifting the buggy on and off and helping a slightly nervous A in and out of the boat. (*)

A lovely sunny walk around the picturesque Christchurch, interspersed with queries of when we might be able to get an ice cream. Takeaway tea and a slice of homemade cake sitting by the river. K and the children went to check into the hotel (so that we could leave the 2 new camping chairs purchased from a closing down camping shop). Two very excited children explaining the set up of the room and its location. 

Back to the quay to buy the promised ice creams….and both the kiosks were closed….. Oh dear! Bad mother moment. Slightly more subdued return on the boat despite assurances that ice cream would be forthcoming tomorrow. Very reminiscent of an entry in my infant school journal describing a trip to the local fair ending with the words “I never did get my candy floss”. 

Bath time for Little Miss followed by stories with A. Then a yummy Indian takeaway for tea and A’s latest baking creation of Mississippi Mud Pie. Fab. Quick game of Harry Potter Cluedo (which I won!) and then off to our home for the night. Relieved to see that the pull out beds were a couple of foot away from the double bed rather than the inches I had imagined. Much excitement at the reading lights, the kettle and the en suite. And that was just K! (Jokes). 

Terrible nights sleep in a very hot room with very stuffy noses and restless bodies. But we’ve woken so gulls calling and another day ahead of us. Who knows what we’ll get up to! 

(*) on a previous holiday many years ago we had taken the passenger ferry to Mudeford Sandspit. The sunny weather turned very quickly to a torrential downpour. K stayed behind to put down the beach shelter and pack up the chairs while the children and I hotfooted it back to the ferry with a picnic blanket over our heads. As she was getting on to the ferry, completely drenched and with slippy shoes, A lost her footing and almost fell into the water. Luckily the ferry man grabbed her and lifted her into the boat. But she (and I) and have never forgotten and subsequently she’s slightly anxious of boats!  



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