Walks, waiting and wees. 

So what did the day have in store for us? 

First off a tasty bacon and egg sandwich chez Miss Tee while plans were made. We opted for the Moors Valley Park idea as it looked a bit cloudy. We’ve been before and always had a great time. Lots of lovely walks, plenty of climbing and zip wire type activities for the more energetic of our group and great picnic spots. And it didn’t let us down. A good time had by all. 

We made the most of the day and reluctantly said our goodbyes just before 5pm. Thinking we would be home around 7pm depending on traffic. How wrong we were. We got along the M27 and we waited. We eventually got onto the M3 and we waited. Luckily A was asleep by this point and T was engrossed in a film. I was getting bored. K was quite laid back having done the journey every other day for the last few years. We got on the M25 and waited a bit more. A woke up. Needing a wee. Er, no services now before home. “But I’m going to pee my pants…..”, she wailed. And I think she would have, just to prove a point. Detour onto the M40 to the services. Wee done. Homeward bound – no more waiting, home at 8pm. Oh dear! 

Not a great end to a great weekend but it was totally worth it. 



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