Bed-itation….that’s what you need….

Posting for yesterday. Too busy watching the final episode of Sherlock with T (gutted). 

Yesterday afternoon A took a picnic blanket from the garage, laid it on the grass in the sun and asked me to try “beditating” with her. It’s the latest mindfulness technique that they’ve been taught. 

We started off laying on our backs with our hands by our sides. She then told me (in a very soothing voice) to imagine a torch was lighting up my feet and toes. No problem. The torch then moved up my body gradually until it was on the top of my head. By which time I was nearly asleep. Absolutely lovely. You’re supposed to do it in bed to help you relax and be “mindful”. I find it hard to switch off at the best of times and suspect that the lovely lunch is had, combined with a busy week and the sunny afternoon all conspired to help me relax but I’m still going to give it a go whenever I can’t get to sleep. It’s a similar idea to the molten lava trick that I was told to try when I had Reiki. (It was with the same lady that does the mindfulness with the children). 

T and I are now at a bit of a loss as to what to watch on our Friday nights. I can’t get hold of the next season of Smallville without buying it (seems pointless when we rented the previous 3 series) and Sherlock is finished. I might suggest a bike ride while the weather is nice but we’re both normally knackered on a Friday night and quite enjoy snuggling up in our PJ’s. 

Lovely lunch with Mrs F and Mrs Lovely, talking poppy business and life in general. The snogging couple in the garden nearly put me off my lunch (who am I kidding?) and we decided that they clearly weren’t married to each other because who does that with their own husband?! 


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