Shy veins, sad songs and silliness

I gave blood today. I thought it was only a few years since I last did it but on checking the system I was informed it was 5 years ago! I felt suitably disgraced. I first gave blood about twenty years ago with mum and have donated on and off since then. I don’t mind needles too much and it’s all over pretty quickly, but I have very shy veins. Yes, shy veins. They’re not visible to the untrained eye and I end up with the torniquet very tightly placed round my bicep and having to pump my arm a lot before one can even be felt. Today was no different. But how things have changed! Instead of the camp bed style contraptions we used to have to lie on (always wondering if it would collapse and what would happen if the needle fell out) there are rather fancy new tilting chairs which you start off cocooned in in an upright position and then get flipped back when you’re ready and the blood is flowing! It was all over very quickly and I was given an “orange card” to indicate to the “tea and coffee man” that I was a cold drinks only doner. No cup of tea for me then. But the strict instructions of “no strenuous exercise”  – ha ha – and “eat regularly to avoid blood sugar dropping” – no problem – were easy to take on board. 

After picking A and friend N up from school (for N to come to tea) I sorted the girls out with drinks and snacks and resumed work in the dining room. I am having a break from trashy American TV and am listening instead to some old favourite albums. This afternoon I started Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 by George Michael from 1990. I was a huge Wham! fan as a youngster and I still think GM has a fantastic voice. I had, however, forgotten how emotional one of the songs is. It’s called Mothers Pride and is about a mother seeing her son off to war. It gets my eyes blurry every time. 

A and her friend N have been having a lovely time in the garden with the tent and blankets. They’ve been dancing and had their tea out there. It’s been lovely and they’ve been silly and had fun. 


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