Cocktails, competition and choons 

Last night was our quarterly works night out. I always enjoy these nights despite some trepidation beforehand. I’m never sure what to wear, I always worry I’ll end up drinking too much and feeling ill and I hate the idea of feeling rubbish the next day. But as usual I was sensible without being a party pooper. We had a lovely raspberry cocktail and some ridiculously expensive steak. Lots of laughs as usual and another great night. (I would still rather be at home in my pj’s watching TV with K). 

Today was sports day at A’s school (another reason for not wanting to feel crap) and it was another scorcher – we always seem to have brilliant sunshine for sports day. A was in the egg and spoon race and the cross country. She tried her hardest in both races – almost making herself sick after the cross country – and her team came 2nd overall. It’s always a good afternoon and the children all see to enter into the spirit of it with the older children cheering on the younger ones. You can see the element of competitiveness getting stronger as the children get older. Some of the boys in A’s class that she has grown up with are already starting to look like (very) young men. One mum told me her son has size 7 (adult) feet! What are we feeding them?! 

Tonight after picking A up from guides K and I (and A) popped in to the Three Blackbirds to watch/listen to our neighbour playing with his band. They are very good and play my sort of music – A loved it. Some of her friends from guides were there and it was nice to put faces to names and I think she felt quite grown up. 

A busy 24 hours and I am shattered. Need a good nights sleep ready for what lies in store this weekend. 

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