Hello, hello….

…..I’m at a place called Vertigo…..

Apologies if the U2 reference goes way over some heads. 

I’ve been feeling a bit off kilter for a few days. Not really dizzy and not really off balance, just not right. It’s an odd feeling and I don’t like it! I’m not a fan of being inebriated and it’s a cross between that and walking in mud. Sort of. See? Not easy to explain!

So I got K to take me to see the nurse at the surgery and get my lugholes checked out. I was thinking inner ear infection, build up of wax, virus. Err, no. Apparently (and this is not official as she wants me to see the doctor to get it confirmed), it’s my age. (No I don’t need that confirming – I’m sure of it). Apparently when you get to my age (hello?! 43 not 83!) these things called crystals that reside in the bottom of your ear canal can get a bit dislodged and they are what tell your brain that you’re upside down. And when they move they tell your brain that you’re upside down – when you’re not. Great. The official name is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. 

So I need to get a diagnosis and then some medication hopefully as it can go on for a few months if left unchecked. Next available appointment with the ENT doctor? A week on Saturday. Oh. 

Hello, hello. I’m at a place called Vertigo. And could be here for a few weeks. Normal service will be resumed shortly. We hope. 


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