Round 1

It’s been a long week. Even if I didn’t have this “vertigo” problem (I put this in inverted commas as it’s not actually official yet) I think my head would be spinning anyway. I like my neat, ordered life with the built in routines of who goes where when and what’s needed for what. So, when we have a week where people (i.e. children) are all over the blinking place it really throws me off my game.

When it’s all spelled out, a day trip here and a couple of school performances there, with a campfire night and a work shadow day thrown in for good measure it really doesn’t sound unmanageable. And clearly it’s not been unmanageable because everyone got to their correct destinations with the necessary requirements for that event, but my goodness I’ve been all over the place mentally.

In the midst of all the to-ing and fro-ing there’s been some happy moments. Like T going off to work for the day with K wearing his company T shirt and lanyard and having a great time meeting his colleagues and finding out a bit more of what it is he actually does. And like A going to the annual guide campfire with her new friends and seeing her old brownie unit. The 2 ladies that run the brownie unit positively squealed with delight when they saw her arrive. Stuff like that. Kind of makes the madness of rushing around and frantic cobbling together of lunches all worth while.

Disappointed not to be spending the day with my mum. We don’t get chance to spend the day together very often anymore but I just can’t face driving with this weird head thing. So I’m having an enforced relaxing day at home. Of sorts. There’s still washing to do and a garage full of stuff to be photographed ready for eBay-ing or parent-networking. But I’m currently on the deck under the shade with my new book (courtesy of Miss T) and my knitting. I’m going to make myself sit for at least an hour and just relax. We’ve a busy weekend ahead and I think my poor old brain deserves a few minutes peace. Perhaps I should take some of A’s mindfulness tips on board and just sit and enjoy the view for a while.


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