Aussie Rules

Its been a busy weekend as anticipated in my last blog entry. Yesterday the Poppy Posse had our first official outing at the school fair. We set up a table of goodies (official poppy appeal merchandise to you) in the shade and awaited our public. We had a few kind donations and some young “nice try”s (20p for a snap ruler? I think not!) and managed to sign up some possible volunteers for coercion a in November. Next step is to do the official count up and banking of the donations. We’ve decided our next stall will be at the Fireworks display as school as it will be more timely and people will be less surprised to see us! 


K and I had a lovely meal out on our own last night while T and A had a sleepover at G&G’s. We had a stroll through Harpenden after dinner and then came home and sat out in the garden for an hour or so. Very nice. 


Today my friend from my late teens/early 20’s came to visit us with her 11 year old son. We haven’t seen each other for around 18 years and I’ve never met her son so it was all very nice. I mainly remember her as being very confident and lots of fun – she was a terrible flirt and despite being a big girl (we were a bit like Laurel and Hardy, without the hats and moustaches and suits – and obviously we were not men) she was always utterly convinced that she was going to charm the pants off any man she fancied. I had forgotten how much she likes to talk and how detailed her stories are. I’m not known for my verbosity so I’m generally pretty happy for whoever I’m with to do all the talking, but it’s quite nice to have a small element of interest from the other person. She did ask me what I do for work now and what the house prices are like here but very little else, other than was I in touch with anyone from the old days – “no”. Oh. I, on the other hand, know all the nitty gritty from the last 18 years and a bit more besides. Bless her. Having said that it was nice to see her and her son is a delightful young man and he got on very well with T & A. I’m quite glad that we are not in a position to get together on a regular basis as I fear the meetings would continue to be very one sided. There has to be enough interest on both sides I think and I’m afraid with my old friend the Aussie definitely rules. 


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