Red wine, fires and friends

Last night I went to Mrs L(ovely)’s house to count the collection money from last Saturday’s fair. It didn’t take long, especially as young master L did the honours and so, once the young people were in bed, Mrs L, Mrs W and I sat out on the patio with wine, strawberries, chocolates and a fire. And it was the nicest evening I’ve had in ages (right up there with a good no-longer-allowed-to-be-called-book-club night). I don’t often drink red wine. I’ve not had a bad experience with it or have a reason not to drink it – I just don’t. I’ve probably been wary as I’m prone to migraines but I decided to throw caution to the wind and have a glass. Or two. And very nice it was too. I realised that you don’t glug red wine. You sip. And consequently you don’t drink it as quickly as white or rose. You savour it. It was so nice with the strawberries and the very decadent selection of chocs. Very enjoyable indeed. 

But the thing I enjoyed most was the company. I don’t know Mrs W very well but she’s very easy to chat to and has a great sense of humour that’s right up my street. She also knows her fires. And of course Mrs L is just lovely (I can’t go too overboard as she’ll get a big head) and very relaxing to be with. A lovely lovely evening. 

Today Mrs F and I popped to Harpenden for a “mooch” before meeting some other friends for a pub lunch. Again, they are not close friends that I know incredibly well but we all get along and it’s nice to spend time with different people sometimes. I’m beginning to enjoy the whole friendship thing. It doesn’t have to mean living in other people’s pockets (thank goodness) or agreeing with everything the other person says or believes. It doesn’t have to be one-sided or for you to feel that you have to do things you don’t want to. It’s about mutual respect and chatting about things that matter (or complete nonsense if the mood takes you) and being interested in what they have to say. It’s about sharing experiences and asking advice (and respecting the answer) and keeping in touch or just checking in to make sure they’re ok. And it’s lovely. 


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