A day in the life of me

Most nights when K gets home he remembers at some point to ask me what my day has been like. I normally reply “oh busy but ok, you know”. 

Well today my day actually went like this: 

Woke up at 5.30am worrying about 1. A going to a complete stranger’s (to me) house for a sleepover on Friday (yes 5 days away). 2. Whether going into London on Sunday is such a good idea with the current terrorist stuff going on (yes 7 days away). 

Fell back asleep around 6.30am to be woken up shortly afterwards by K’s alarm going off. 

Got up at 7.20am determined to get some work done before taking A to school, knowing I had to then take T to the orthodontist and so wouldn’t be starting work til after 10am. 

Downstairs by 7.50am. Laptop working like it needed winding up on the side. Rebooted. Ten minutes wasted. Got A some breakfast (not normally necessary as she makes it herself but bagel needed defrosting). Logged back on. Got T up. 

Looked in horror at the 103 emails waiting to be answered. Made A’s packed lunch. Answered 5 emails. Tried calling Roundwood Absence Line to report T’s appointment. Engaged. Went back upstairs to brush teeth and slap on some mascara and cover up. Meanwhile calling absence line at regular intervals. Still engaged. 

Answered 5 more emails. Line still engaged. Emailed school instead after finding email address on website. 

Took A to school in car as raining and clearly my day was going to be going rapidly downhill and I needed to make up some minutes. Dropped her at gates in style of much-vilified lazy mum who doesn’t give a s**t. Realised she didn’t have a coat, gates were still locked and I now looked even more like I couldn’t care less about my child. Oh and she had tummy ache. 

Got home (after near altercation on high street). 

Answered ten more emails. Mum phoned. Cut her short. Felt horrible. Took T to orthodontists. Got wet. Was polite and friendly to massively inefficient receptionist. Took him to school. Came home. 

Answered remaining 83 emails. Listened to 5 voicemails. Authorised 7 return requests. Pacified annoyed customers who had left unpleasant feedback. 

Had a pee. 

Ate a bowl of cereal.

Answered new emails that had come in since cleared down 10 minutes previously. 

Realised another batch of mail must have gone missing so created spreadsheet and notified boss. 

Ate a pitta bread and some leftover cheese. 

Walked to school with Mrs L in rain. Walked home in rain (I took a coat for A) stopping off to buy dishwasher tablets. 

Got home. Put dishwasher on. 

Answered more emails. Provided more info to boss (who could have looked at spreadsheet but couldn’t be arsed). Phoned confused customer. His name was Phil. He was a man. His delivery address was named Miss Phil Surname. (His surname wasn’t Surname, I’m just being professional). Very odd. 

Answered texts from lovely friend. 

T came home. Realised it was 5.45pm (he’d had youth club) and I really needed to get dinner started. Put oven on. 

More emails. 

Had a pee. 

Prepared dinner. Chicken (yawn) with leftover salad and new potatoes (yaaaawn). Emptied dishwasher.

Ate dinner. K came home halfway through.  

Loaded dishwasher and washed up the rest. 

Shouted at A for nagging. Felt horrible. Cried a bit. Big hug from T – cried a bit more. Chopped up fruit that had been asked to buy but no-one had eaten. 

Ate fruit. Yawn. 

Answered 3 final emails and logged off. Planned meals for coming week and ordered online necessary stuff. 

Phoned mum. Moaned. Apologised for cutting her short. Felt bad. 

Went upstairs to check A had showered. K was up there but clearly busy on phone. Checking Spot The Ball competition. Hung up clothes. 

Had a pee. 

Chivvied A up. Hugs on bed. Moisturised her dry skin – result of heat rash. 

Got her into bed and sang (yes, still) bedtime song. 

Looked for Smallville season 4 online with T. 

Wrote my blog. 

“How was your day”. “Oh, you know, busy, but ok.”



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