And it was all going so well….

Big day for A today. End of year 5 and moving into final year at primary school. But bigger than that, today is the day she finally gets to have her ears pierced. She’s been waiting since her birthday back on March and the day finally arrived. She was very excited and anxious on the drive to St. Albans and (unlike me, who goes v quiet when anxious) she talked non-stop the whole way. We had some other bits to do before the appointments at Claire’s but we still managed to be early. She got sized up and paperwork signed and then the 2 ladies got lined up ready to fire…..and she panicked. To be fair there was a bit of an audience and there has been some faffing about to get both dots looking even so she was within her rights to have a slight wobbly moment! But she took some deep breaths and remembered her mindfulness and, bang, it was done. She looked stunned for a moment and then the nice lady showed her in the mirror and all was well. And she looks really cute. 

After a little refreshment in Costa and the reminding shopping done we headed home to get her ready for a sleepover with a new friend from guides. This was all arranged by phone with the friend last Sunday and she was due at 5pm. We arrived just after, only to find that the friend was at a party and the dad knew nothing about the sleepover! He seemed slightly embarrassed and offered to call his wife to see if she knew anything but it was clear that nothing was going to be happening this evening so I said we would leave it and headed home. Oh dear. My poor girl! A bit of a disappointing end to a very exciting day. But in true happiness hunter style I will make sure tonight is not a miserable one. I feel a DVD and a snuggle up coming on. Maybe whilst perusing the selection of earrings available at Claire’s online, ready for when the six weeks are up. 



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