What could go wrong?

Tomorrow my lovely boy turns 13. Last weekend K and I asked him what he’d like to do to celebrate as a family and he asked to go to London for the day. We narrowed it down to a ride on the Thames clipper and a look round the Tower or the Emirates cable cars. I had both sets of fingers crossed but of course he chose the cable cars. Oh. 

I’ve been stewing a bit about it all week. My rational side has been saying its fine, it’s his birthday, man up and enjoy it. My irrational and far more dominant side has been saying that we’re all going to die a horrible and dramatic death. 

We set off in good time as we wanted to explore a bit and I wanted to show the boys the O2. Easy journey there and a lovely look round the area. I started to feel a bit anxious during our picnic lunch by the river watching the cable cars going overhead. Very very high overhead. And quite fast. And high – did I mention they were high? 

By the time we were due to go up I was more than a little clammy of hand and hoping it was going to be too windy or something would stop us being able to go on. But no, all was running fine and so the brave face had to go on. Sort of. Luckily the rest of the family are more than aware of my idiotic phobias and so were all being very sweet and reassuring. We had another family in our car so I had to keep it more under wraps than I maybe would have had we been alone. 

There’s no denying that it was incredible. The views were stunning and far reaching and the O2 looked tiny after about 5 minutes. But my word it was horribly high up (see it wasn’t just had perspective from the ground it really is bloody high) and quite wobbly. Not in a “we’re going to fall out” kind of way but enough to gee up my irrational side to a point of nearly losing it. Nearly. I remembered in time that it was a birthday TREAT and mum losing it in a cable car several hundred feet above the river wasn’t how T would want to temember the day. 

We made it over to the other side and I managed to make myself go back again an hour or so later. It was no less scary the second time around. 

Most importantly T had a great day and it was one we won’t forget in a hurry.  



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