Life’s a beach 

The Beddoe Four have been away now for 5 days. I’d like to report that it’s been a sunny, happy 5 days spent soaking up the vitamin D on beautiful beaches. Unfortunately, the reality is not quite up to that dream. It’s been a happy 5 days on the whole, bar the usual bickering with some nagging thrown in for good measure – it wouldn’t be a holiday without it. The sun has come out at intervals and we have been to the beach. But we’ve all been bundled up in hoodies and the beach tent has been less of a UV shelter and more of just, well, a shelter. We’ve had several discussions on the virtues of windbreaks and have even hired them two days running. 

I love holidaying in the UK. I love being able to fill the car with everything we need for a comfortable break and I like the freedom of hopping in the car and exploring new places. We’re quite content to sit on the beach in our afore-mentioned hoodies and the kids have still not lost their love of body boarding even though it’s bloody cold in the sea. 

But I am beginning to feel a bit let down. And a bit tired of trying to “make the most” of the sunny intervals and the beautiful scenery. Yes it’s beautiful but it would be even more beautiful if the wind would die down and the sun would stay out. It’s hard work keeping smiling when you’re shivering or when you’re desperately trying to find something to do when the weather turns on you while sticking two fingers up at you behind your back. The UK is a terrific country with lots of stunning places and there’s still plenty of areas that we haven’t yet been but I’m starting to see the appeal of hopping on a plane (yes I do know it’s not as simple as that and the thought of going away without a cool box or a picnic bag does fill me with slight dread, and the thought of sitting in a cramped seat thousands of feet in the air isn’t massively appealing either) and arriving somewhere reliably sunny and warm with beautiful scenery. I baulk at the cost of a holiday abroad and feel a bit of a traitor to the good old British holiday, but I feel the time has come to do ourselves a favour and allow ourselves to be able to wear shorts and t shirts all day long. To swim in warm seas and laze on sunny beaches. 

Don’t get me wrong – we are enjoying ourselves. The kids are more than happy building sandcastles and bodyboarding. (K has the pleasure of getting wet-suited up and going in with them while I shelter behind the rented windbreak.) We’re all happy (mostly  – A is still moderately reluctant) to go for a cliff top stroll or a cross country bike ride. We all like a mooch around little villages with their tea-rooms and gift shops. We like a wander in the evening to a local pub for dinner and don’t get me started on ice-creams. It’s been really lovely being together (in the main) and we do truly make the best of our time. 

Just next year I think I’d like to try something a little bit different.  


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