Cheating Ba***rd

I know I’ve already blogged but this deserves its own entry. While we’ve been away I’ve discovered that K is a cheat. A lowdown, dirty cheat. A scheming, manipulative, cheating cheater.

I found out last night after a game of Scrabble. It all started off so well. I’m the Queen of Scrabble and look forward to our holidays as it’s the only time he’ll play. But last night he started off the game with ‘zebras’. A score of 54!! (We allow the first person to double their score – it’s how we’ve always played). I have to admit to being surprised, but pleased for him. And if I’m honest a little worried. How was I going to pull this game back so early on and stop him in his tracks. Luckily my Queen status was not in danger yet as I spotted a ledge-emptying ‘dominate’ and scored a tremendous 64 points with the bonus 50 (I had a blank for the “I” in case anyone really cares enough to check the score). Result! I continued to “dominate” the game – a happy omen?! – and won with a hefty 287 points against his impressive 255.

He seemed surprisingly upbeat and even seemed to be sincere in his congratulating of me and even hugged me! It was then that he uttered the words whispered tenderly in my ear “I cheated”. I didn’t quite believe my ears and looked at him questioningly. He elaborated “I already had ‘zebra’ in my hand when I started taking my letters”. I could barely breathe from laughing. Eventually it dawned on him that I wasn’t cross. I was triumphant! Even against a cheating bas***d I still won!

Obviously I will NEVER take my eyes off him for one second in future when playing any game but I think he’s learned the lesson that my mum always told me “Cheats never prosper”.

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