An apology to Monday

Dear Monday,

I am very sorry for being so unkind to you last week. You caught me at a bad time and I took it out on you. It was unfair of me and I apologise most sincerely. You are, in fact, not that bad. I don’t think we’ll ever be close but I’m prepared to give you a chance.

Today, I awoke with the usual dread. I had slept badly and woke up feeling rushed and almost panicked. I’d had “busy dreams” where I’d been desperately trying to find something and then was late to pick up one of the children. They didn’t look like my child but they never do in dreams do they?

I started up the laptop with the usual feeling of doom and gloom, expecting yet more of the same old moaning and groaning from the silver surfers (our core demographic). There was a bit of that, but there was also an email from Boss 2. The scary one. Boss 1 is in his hols so I am in more frequent contact with Boss 2 than normal. The subject was benign enough so I wasn’t too worried. I was chuffed to bits to find a short but sweet message advising me that our seller feedback rating was back up to its highest percentage since the start of the year and thanking me for my hard work at getting people to remove their negative comments. Great start to the day (especially moany Monday).

Shortly afterwards I had a call from mum asking if we would be able to pop round mid-morning as my aunt was visiting with my cousin’s wife and baby. Have laptop, will travel. One of the best things about working from home is being able to set up shop anywhere where there’s wifi. So, by midday we were cooing and going gaga over baby V. She’s the image of my cousin with his beautiful wife’s dainty features. The children were both instantly besotted and baby V was quite happy with all the attention.

While we were there mum gave me a document to read. She’s been recording details of nan’s life. We know all the dates and official stuff but this is her story. Her earliest memory, her childhood, meeting my grandad (blind date in the middle of the war), her becoming a mum, then a widow, then being a working mum. It’s brilliant to have it all written down in her own words and with all the little details that none of us would have known. I’ve never made any secret of how much admiration I have for her, but this document, this story, made me choke up with pride that it was my nan. MY nan.

After a quick trip to get T a new blazer and PE top (£51 thank you very much) we headed home. T went out and A got crafty. She made glove monsters from some old gloves. Had to make two as one would be lonely on his own.

When K got home she asked if he would blow her some bubbles so she could run around like a mad thing. He obliged and it was such a happy thing to see. I love it when she does child things. She’s so grown up most of the time that it’s so lovely when she doesn’t. (Unless it’s in an annoying, nagging, way).

To top the day off, I ordered some wool for my new project and then T and I settled down to watch Sherlock.

So, Monday. I’ll let you off this week. You’ve been quite nice. More than nice in fact. Quite lovely. Try and do the same next week and perhaps you could have a word with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too?





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